Who are we?

BKRSOFT analyzes to start

BKRSOFT develops Web and Mobile softwares for over 10 years and offers software solutions for corporational needs. We reveal requirements by our counseling team's analyze results that we design specific structure and endustrial standart software language. After so long tests, we help you to use improved solutions.

What We Do?

We tell and show you what happens in technology world which is out of your knowledge. We would love to help you to become a part of this technology world.

  • To increase customer base supposed We create reasons and way to improve the lead idea
  • To widen sales and create awareness
  • To monetize money with content
  • To educate customers and make use of sotfware with efficient manner
  • Developing customer based products
  • Reach potential customers with new channels
  • Improve corporational communication

Some Rumors About Us

You can contact us any time with your ideas and opinions.

Mobile Applications

BKRSOFT offers successful results in very short time range with specific designed solutions. You can contact us for software needs anytime.

Internet & Software Development

We offer free company analyze with our counseling team without any field dependency. We guarantee improvements on your systems with our web and mobile solutions.

Education And Training

We follow the recent changes in technology with over 10 years experience. Today, internet and software tecknologies are deeply settled in our lives thus we call ourselves media workers.

Mailing and Sms Solutions

We design visual solutions and meet requirements in software basics. BKRSOFT combines customers' demands and needs of analyze skills of actual market and web and graphical design service.